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HOUSEHOLD appliances

Everyone has a household - everyone needs appliances.

You want to conduct a multi-person survey on washing machines, or a product test on multi-functional ovens? Then let's get to work!

From online boards to focus groups to in-home use tests, both with consumers and in the B2B sector, we are happy to accomodate your creativity.

As well as recruiting and moderating, we are happy and capable of receiving, storing, and sending products to the respondets to test and back to you. Our group rooms are spacious enough for product presentations, but we are also happy to lease a larger facility for you. We execute according to your preference.


If it's in the home, there's a good chance we have experience with it:

Flatscreen TVs and wall-rigs
HiFi Audio and entertainment systems
DVD / Blu-ray player / receiver boxes
Washing machines, steamers, and dryers
Refrigerators / fridge-freezers
Ovens, stove tops, and grills
Coffee machines as well as espresso machines

Blenders and mixers
Microwaves and microwave ovens

Vacuum cleaners

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