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Everyone can make calls - that's what most people think!

  • For almost 15 years, we carry out about 12,000 to 15,000 CATI/CAPI interviews every year. Our interviewers are trained to interview even more specialized target groups.

  • The IMR project team is able to coordinate studies with large samples and in particular multi-country studies.​


  • Our interviewing personnel are qualified and capable of conducting interviews face-to-face as well as via online-/video-conferencing platform.

  • All CATI/CAPI sites our facility are equipped with internet access, so that we can work on clients' servers. Depending on the degree of utilization, we can fill between 50 and 100 CATI/CAPI jobs.

  • Our services at a glance:
    Programming and data provision
    Implementation and coordination in Germany
    Implementation and coordination in Europe and worldwide
    Execution on customer server

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