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Your success is our incentive. ​

  • Successful focus group discussions require high-quality recruiting, a beautiful facility and a good moderator. All of these ingredients can be provided by IMR. However, if you want to contribute one or the other ingredient yourself, here comes what sets us apart from others: flexibility.

  • Since 1996 we have organized more than 150 group discussions and about 400 individual interviews every year. Our generously designed group rooms allow plenty of space for the presentation of many different products.

  • Our client auditoriums can hold up to 20 spectators when required and give viewers the opportunity to follow the groups in cinema atmosphere.

  • Dome cameras allow to zoom in to the participants, to ensure that the viewer's experience is up close and in detail.

  • Our location offers ideal access for both the participants and the clients. We are located at the Hauptwache, directly in the heart of Frankfurt.

  • Our services at a glance:
    Facility renting
    Simultaneous interpretation into all common languages

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